Monday, August 13, 2007

Business Model from the Dot Com World

Lessons Learnt from the Dot Com Era for Real Physical Business

This entry is inspired by enterprising MMU students (or rather graduated students) and I feel strongly that I should at least give them a mention wherever I can to "advertise" their business.

One of the most successful dot com business model is online advertising where companies such as Yahoo!, Google and a magnitude of others actually manage to create a successful web business. The brick and mortar business can also learn from this business model. In Japan, entrepreneurs are providing free photocopying where they generate revenue from selling advertising space on one side of the paper whilst photocopying on the other.

Locally, in Malaysia, keep a look out for Enveluv.Com. Their domain should give you a clue and they should be ready for business in the next few months. I for one wish them success and believe strongly in their business model.

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