Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hosted TiVO Service

Legal or Pirated VCD/DVD?

This is a gray area in terms of legality. Generally, it is assumed that there are pirated copies of VCD/DVDs for shows that are shown on free-to-air television. However, it is also "legal" for us to record these shows for our own consumption. If there is a service to assist us in recording shows, format and package them, for our own consumption, then it would not be illegal (or would it?). This can easily be an online service.

A user logs on to the online service store, states that he/she would like to record the next season of "Winter Sonata" which will be aired on "free-to-air" television as he/she is not able to make it back in time from work. The user pays for the service online. The store will then record, put the episodes in series, package it into a VCD/DVD and send it out only when the last ordered episode is shown. The store will charge for the service, the media and the delivery. Of course, the pruchaser can also request for past series that he/she has missed ... and that normally encompasses everything other than the latest movies.