Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PS3 for classrooms

In a multimedia classroom, the use of PS3 to interact with the instructor through the build-in Wi-Fi

In the classrooms of the future, the use of multimedia equipment for teaching will be the norm. Currently, the state of the art classrooms equip the students with a proprietary device that can interact with questions and exercises posted through the projector by the instructor. The classrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi access where the students have a unique identifier and can answer questions online. In addition, the marks can be tallied in real-time.

The idea is to develop a similar software that runs on the Sony PS3 or any gaming or personal digital assistant that will also one day be as common as us wearing our shoes

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Transportation Management

An anti-fuel hike system

This has been well researched and also there are several solutions out there. However, most are targetted at large distribution organizations. Small and medium enterprises on the other hand are left out. The system can be a simple one as the number of transports will be small and area of coverage will usually also be small. However, it would be bebeficial as the fuel/transportation cost has a major effect on the cost of goods.