Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ministry of Youth and Sports Funding

Thanks to Mr Ho, who informed me of this funding.


The ministry of youth and sports is providing funding for youths to be entrepreneurs but the amount is miniscule!  They are providing RM3,000 with the following conditions.

  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Between the age of 18 and 40 years old
  3. Youth association members will be given preference
  4. Full time venture, part time basis does not qualify
  5. Must have prior experience in the chosen field to venture

Initially, I couldn’t really think of how someone who has experience or track record in the specific field would need RM3,000.  After giving it some thought, someone who may want to start a local delivery service may need the extra RM3,000 as working capital for his motorcycle, or someone who wants to start a small burger stall may need additional RM3,000 for the stall and inventory or a part-time photographer, who may need some working capital to rent studios and go full-time or even a software developer who just needs the RM3,000 to jump start his/her own iPhone applications!